Monday, November 2, 2015

The story behind "The Storm Inside the Castanet" ....

by Angeles

"I have cancer and I know that I am going to lose my hair"

Everyone knows that if you go through Chemotherapy when you have Cancer there is a 90% than you are going to lose the hair.
Well, I said to me , I am going to do something with this process and I want it to do in a  creative way , to show this part of my life with other eyes and tell to me and others that there is a new beginning, there is a story to tell even though it is not easy to accept. 

One night I was texting with my friend /filmmaker Carlos De Varona and I told to him about this crazy idea than I wanted to film the moment when I will cut my hair very short but I wanted to do in a very special way. He loved the idea and he gave me creative suggestions that I love it immediately. And I asked to him - "Are you "in" ? - and he said - " It is going to be a pleasure!".

So, we decided to do it one Saturday.... but a week before, at 4am in the morning, I woke up and I saw my hair on the mirror and I freaked out! My hair was falling a part as crazy! Emotionally and nervous , and crying of course,  I said to me - "I can not wait until Saturday, 
we need to do the film now!".
Next day I called Carlos and I said we need to do the film as soon as posible this week. So, Wednesday is the day. I invited  my closest friends to see the progress of this
film in a very private venue.
Everything was done and organized, but you know some drama always came in a funny way. 
I had this dance studio from a friend reserved from that Wednesday night. And she call me on Tuesday around 10:30pm that I can not use the studio. I literarily panic, Why??? Because J.Lo's boyfriend rented the studio, Casper. WOW!!! I said -"Fuck! I need to do this tomorrow. It is so painful, my scalp was suffering so much pain, I could not dealing more with the knoxts and my hair was everywhere" -  but I understood, when is business involve you can not do anything.
But I have good friends that they calmed me down. Carlos and Juan that night said to me -" It has been a very long day and very emotionally, tomorrow we can do it in any place, go to sleep and cut the drama" - of course I was dramatic, it was to much pain and suffered a lot and I wanted to do right.
Next day, my friend Danny call me -"Everything ok for tonight?" - I said no .... and I explained all to him. And he said - "don't worry Angeles you have my house, so call everyone and change the location!"- and VOILA! at 8am that day everything was resolved again , I had a fabulous space, with an amazing support of friends and Carlos behind the camera. And I knew that it is going to be perfect, and magic! and it was perfection!!!

So, here you have the result of that night.

Friends, this is just a moment in this crazy difficult time in my life. I tried to be real, emotionally vulnerable, may be, it was a personal private moment that now everyone can see it. And maybe I can help someone or it is an inspirational way to create awareness and be more brave 
about this fucking Cancer.

Thank you to Carlos de Varona for his amazing work and his creative eyes, my good friends Danny, Jhon, Dania, Juliana, Bianca, Kevin, Danny,  Michael and Rodrigo for being with 
me that special night. 
I am going to remember all of you forever in my life.

Also special thanks to Nathaly Charria and Grace Castro for all your support and work and did an amazing Premier at Libertine last week Thursday, October 29th.

And if you are in Miami this coming Wednesday, November 4th join us to see it in the big screen at
O Cinema, Wynwood at 6pm.
It is going to be amazing!
Get tickets HERE

Kisses, enjoy the film and the behind the scenes pictures by Dania Graibe!

Love is life!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm making AWARENESS - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Angeles

Last night, after I spent some good time listening great music with friends, I went back to my place to finish part of this post.

Literary, I put the camera with a tripod and I took some photos of me without my turban.


Because this is me now and I want to make awareness about #myjourney with Cancer.
The whole process of this adventure is very difficult, painful and very very emotional. Some days you can not do anything. You don't have the energy and you feel really sucks. But, of course there is a but, because others days you feel like a hero. 
My journey is a very personal one but because I am a very modern and open person I prefer to share all my details in this process with you. And I say that because when I talk to my friends and family about this I feel much better. Communicate is a good tool to teach, to learn and maybe to touch someone in the most sensitive way.

Today in the morning I received this message from a good friend:

And of course my response was WOW! and of course I cried, this is a very special moment in my life and I am very sencitive right now.

That kind of messages making my days so incredible good. So, if you know me ( or you know someone who is battle with cancer ) and you want to do something good, just send a message, it is the best gift for me and it gives me strength to continue in this crazy battle.

Friends, thank you for being with me in my journey and please join me this month, the Breast Cancer Awareness to create a power light to fight this Big C.

I am going to have a couple events this month and I would love if you can be with me.

Join me this Sunday, October 4th at the Hyatt Centric South Beach, Miami Beach for a good cause!

You are all invited! 

More details HERE



Monday, September 21, 2015


by Angeles

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope you are all well!

As you know I am in a special journey #myjourney, "The Big C..." is part of my life know and I have to ask you for a BIG FAVOR and you are ALL invited. On Saturday, October 17 I will be part of the American Cancer Society the Making Strides West Palm Walk, they are going to honor and celebrating my current battle of Breast Cancer. I will be there giving my energy, my positivism and even a speech to all these women who haven been in this difficult moment. For me is an honor that they want me to be there in such special day and I ask YOU also to be PART with me in this walk!

Please JOIN my Team "TEAM ANGELES" and come to celebrate MY JOURNEY in this Walk. I need your LOVE and SUPPORT to continue this battle. I know it is not in Miami but it is on Saturday at 9am and you can come with your friends, family, dogs and children, think that it is for a good cause and also you can do something different in your weekend rutine.
You can register and donate ( if you want ) in the link below.

And again THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, for me this is not easy but I am happy that I am part of this.



Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I WISH............

by Angeles

I wish... I wish... I wish...

* I wish I am not here
* I wish I say thank you more often
* I wish I can see you again
* I wish I am more humble
* I wish I am stronger
* I wish I was with you
* I wish I have my hair
* I wish I am a better friend
* I wish this is all a nightmare
* I wish I am a better person
* I wish I am normal
* I wish I am not weird
* I wish the Big C is a big joke
* I wish I am more positive
* I wish I can be the same Angeles as before
* I wish I am not crying so much
* I wish I have my mom with me
* I wish I have my family
* I wish I am not suffering 
* I wish I am not feeling alone anymore
* I wish this is not happening....... 

Love Angeles

Monday, August 24, 2015

UNITE For The FIGHT with Angeles

by Angeles

Life is giving me so many opportunities to be better person, stronger than ever and do something in life that is really important to me and always for a good cause.
Couple weeks ago I received an email for a nice lady who wanted to be in contact with me to offer me a really nice opportunity.  My surprise was huge when I read the email than they wanted me to be the person to celebrate and honor at the Unite For The Fight Breast Cancer Walk Saturday, October 3, 2015 in Fort Lauderdale. What a fabulous HONOR! Because who I am? I'm Angeles , I have Cancer and I am not the only one but she wrote so beautiful words about me that I was overwhelming.

"We have been a fan of your fashion blog so we have been following with you on your journey, and feel you are are an empowering and inspiring women to recognize and celebrate" 

WOW! And of course I had to say YES!

Thank you to Katie Centorrino Masucci for contacted me and Traci Lynn Jewelry for this chance to be part in such wonderful event!

So, my dearest friend, family and readers you are invited to this special event Saturday, October 3 2015 in Fort Lauderdale. Wear something pink and be happy!
I need all of you if you can and  have the time and energy. Your support is giving me more strengths, power and energy to continue this journey and I know with your 
LOVE to me I will win this battle so soon!

Please register online:

Come to say HELLO and open your mind to know more about the BIG C and me!



I'm Angeles and I have Cancer



Friday, August 21, 2015


by Angeles

Picture by Dania Graibe

Tuesday, August 18th 2015 at 4am in the morning I could not sleep more and I went to the bathroom.  I was feeling strange, too much thinking, may be some pain in my body but I noticed that something was happening. I saw me in front of the mirror and I discovered that my hair, my magic hair  was falling a part. All of them! So fucking crazy to see how your hair is not alive anymore. I was in shocked of course. It is worst than in a movie, you know... all of those stereotypes that movies show when you are losing the hair for the side effects of chemothrapy. 

Well, this is my story, my own private story.... not too private because I prefer to share the experience with you, it is a good feeling at the end of the day to say how is this difficult process, how much 
affect the femininity of a woman.

In my case I want to have this process like a ritual, a new beginning, a new Angeles , a new Chica..... yes! Because it is something to remember and I need to live this experience second by second.
The day I cut my hair was magic. In a private special soiree with some closes friends, in silence, in a friend house, who generosity he gave me his own space to made a mess on  his living room. With all my hair, my tears and all my emotions we created a night full of creativity, 
so fucking real and so magic!
In a few days you will have the opportunity to see the whole magic process in  avery special film.

Now, talking about films, for a good surprise today I discovered that the talented Penelope Cruz is in a movie interpreting a woman who is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Amazing moment to fight this Big C and even the world and the fashion world is fighting for this diseases and I am part of this.
Amazing moment in my life, for good or bad all of this is gong to give me more strength and valour to keep going in this battle.
Because I want to LIVE!

Penelope Cruz cover of Vogue Spain in a fabulous short hair.
My new me!

Thank you for being with me my dearest friends, it was a unique night that I am 
going to remember forever.

Thank to:
Carlos de Varona, Danny Santiago, Jhon Santos, Juliana Ramirez, Blanca Sanchez, Rodrigo Gaya, Kevin O, Michael S, Danni Leon, Dania Graibe, Cassey, Olatz, Claudia Mendoza and Juan Poggi. 
Thank you for being in my life!!!!



I am Angeles and I have Cancer


Monday, August 17, 2015


by Angeles

After too much think and have been in a emotional weekend, I decided to write something about this peculiar word. A word that I love because I admire so much fabulous people that I met in my whole life and now this word it is in the other side of the coin.

ad·mi·ra·tion - for all my fellow friends, for all my artist and creative people, the filmmakers, the musicians, the fashion bloggers, the dancers, the actors, the designers, , the photographers and also for my ingeniers friends, lawyers, bankers, sales person, waiters, bartenders and more....... I admire you and I respect you so much , you are doing something so well in this life and you are with me as a friends!
Thank you

Now.... when I said this word it is in the other side of the coin it is because refer to ME now
Yes, sounds funny but for the first time someone admire me ...... and it is that person that never thought one day it is going to say something like that. 

And the day came this Sunday!
My Father, for the first time on his life he is thinking of me with respect that I am someone ,  a daughter than she can do things alone, independent and be strong.
For years I was the rebel one, the black sheep, not good student at all, the artist ... the daughter that has been taken bad decisions and not trustful. Well..... now I am doing something good..... I can not explain my happiness to hear from my father that he admire me because he said I am a good person and deserve to be happy and be well. No more suffer no more pain just live the life at fullest! 
Thank you father, from the bottom of my heart, thank you because for many years you were out of my life , you didn't know your own daughter but you appeared, in a simple way without any fancy act, jus as you are, a human not perfect father but with your heart to receive a daughter who is not perfect at all either but she needs you now .... in the worst 
moment of her life.

Love you father! and I admire you because you changed and because you are my Father.

I am Angeles and I have Cancer


Monday, August 10, 2015

I was in Hell... but today is a new Day.....

by Angeles

This weekend wasn't easy, sorry if I didn't answer back my messages but I wasn't in my best moment.... really I was in hell.
My first Chemotherapy wasn't nice, all the secondary effects came to me during Friday and Saturday this weekend. I can not describe what I was feeling. No words to describe what it is happening to me. So much pain, even my hair was on pain over my head. My bones, stomach, my breast, everything were in bad situation. Dizziness and nauseas as the same time. That Saturday at 4am I had to go out from my place because I could not be more time inside in the same room with all of these effects. Thanks God my good friend Jhon was with me , and he gave me the real 
company that I need that morning.

I noticed in my body that I am killing this Big C, in a very small steps. I can feel every pain, every emotion and every tear. I know it is a new chapter in my life where I am learning to be brave and strong because I don't know too much about this and I didn't expect to have so
much suffering in just few days.

I was in ChemoLand, the room where all the cancer treatment happens. I decide it is a cool name because it is gonna be my second home for couple months.
That day they put me the RedChemo (plus other ones) I was in shock when I saw the tubes but it is part of the process. But I have to say the people who is working at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami  were amazing! Really nice, human people with a big heart, Thanks you for being so nice with me.

My journey continue, one Chemo gone. The second is coming soon but I have some free weeks to get my Vitamins and be strong again. 
I am so happy that it is Monday today and I feel so much better, slow as a Turtle hahahaha!!!! but I am positive and optimistic that everything is going to be well ..... not soon .... but everything 
is going to be alright!

Thank to all my friends and family for the fabulous messages , you made my day with those nice words and all your support to me! 



I am Angeles and I have Cancer


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The "PORT" My best Friend

by Angeles

Today I am going to do the second step in this new Journey. 
I am scared to this new adventure with my best friend, "the Port" because it is going to be a little bit painful, uncomfortable and so times really  strange this whole process.
My first chemotherapy is today. It is going to for at least 5 hours. 
Just I want to share this with you because I don't know what it is gonna happened to me, how my body is going to react but I will be won this battle,
but it is just the beginning!
Be with me in this adventure and smile to me when you see me!

Love all of you!!!!!

I am Angeles and I have Cancer....


Picture by Angeles Almuna

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I have the BIG C.....

by Angeles

“Where there is love there is life.” 

I am in love with life, with friends, with my family, with my work, my fashion life .... with everything and now for the first time I have to be more in LOVE with ME!
I read a couple of days ago that right now I have to be the Number 1, numero uno. Because I love so much what I am doing and I need to pursue all my crazy dreams.
And I discovered that I have the big C..... I have Cancer.

Around seven weeks ago I was in my bed touching my breast because the bra was itching me and I found something, a thing that it was clear wasn't just a little thing. I was really worry. The next day I talked to my boss about it and she said you must go to the doctor.
Well, I went to the general doctor and she saw and felt that thing. 
I wasn't worry at that point just a little bit nervous but I knew that I needed 
all the answers as soon as posible.
When I was at the mammogram exam, alone, thinking that everything is going to be ok, my mind started to be really concerned. Probably I have something? Could be a lump,
could be something else?
I did the ultra sound and voila, they found the thing plus more.... I was lying down , half naked and getting more nervous and asked if I can go, the nurse said no - "the Doctors are coming" - after that I knew that something was wrong.
At that moment, I felt so vulnerable and weak, what the doctors are going to say to me?
Doctors came and they said -"yes we found the thing that you found it but we found another one..." - Wow! my mind was blowed away and the worst came after when they did again the ultra sound and they found a third thing. All in my breast! 

It is difficult to accept that somethings is going on and you don't have the knowledge to fix something that in my case I had not a clue the next steps. 

It was Thursday when all of this happened, it was a lot but the next day will be
another big day, biopsy day.
The biopsy went well with all the things that might happened in health proceed. They said to me that I will have the results in a week. "In a week!" - I said, next week is my birthday, interesting, an unexpected week is approaching!
Wait is the worst thing for me, specially when it is involved health issue. I was thinking too many things, good and bad, but you can not do anything, just wait with the best face and humor.

Friday, June 26 I received the call - "I have your results, is this a good moment to talk? Can you seat .... I am afraid is Cancer..." - the doctor said.  I am not gonna forget never that I am afraid. And voila! my life starting to change immediately.
Exams and more exams, in and out to the hospital and also the difficult part of telling to my dearest friends and family the news.
Not Easy at all. 
Saturday, June 27 I celebrated my birthday because I wanted to celebrated life, the privileged to be here, to say thank you to all of those fantastic people that I met and  they are surrounded me because they gave me support, they helped me in my work and also in my worst days.

Now I am here writing these little story with my bad grammar, because I am not perfect but I feel that I have to tell you, my readers what is happening to me because is good to talk about Cancer when in my case I don't know too much and I am going to need your support to fight this big C.
I will be out, I will work, I will laugh and  I will be diferent because you now what the big C means, a lot of changes. 

Fuck! I am very scary, this is too much, it is not easy but I know this new adventure and journey in my life is going to be something really special. A time to grow, to see life with  other eyes, be stronger and I am gonna be super POSITIVE. I will try my best with all my heart because I LOVE so much my life! And I have too many fabulous dreams to conquer! I want more projects, more creative work, I want more fashion adventures, I want to travel more , I want to fall in love again.... 
I want to be HAPPY!
I know I am going to be well in 6 month because this fucking shit is going to be out of me very soon!
I have too Much LOVE in my heart and I want to share this LOVE every day for the rest of my life!

Smile to me when you see me, give me a huge hug and I will give you a lot of LOVE!
This is the most emotional time in my life but I am going to be well soon.

I am Angeles and I have Cancer.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Life and Laughter After Cancer

by Angeles

A story that I want to share..... because we are all women and you never now
about life can changing so fast ....
Please read and thank you to Vogue and TODAY Show to share this Story of Tig Notaro with me ....
a good new positive story and person!
Just few words from me because I am not good with words ... but soon I will write something.


Tig Is an Intimate Look at Life and Laughter After Cancer - by Vogue

I have a distinct memory of the first time I ever heard the comedian Tig Notaro’s voice. It was a Friday afternoon in the early summer of 2012. My boyfriend had just picked me up at The New York Times, where I was working, and we were driving out of the city for the weekend, NPR humming along in the background. I wasn’t paying much attention until this funny, flat, sort of stricken-sounding person came on the radio, telling a completely mundane, very slow-paced story about the experience of repeatedly running into the eighties pop star Taylor Dayne around Los Angeles. “I love your voice,” the storyteller told Dayne at every opportunity, and then, in the retelling, she would pause for what felt like an impossible amount of time, letting the line sink in, the laughter build. It was hilarious, but the kind of funny you can’t really put your finger on. It was totally original and impossible to tune out.
I had no idea when I listened to that segment that the voice belonged to a comedian named Tig Notaro, or who Tig Notaro was. And I definitely had no idea that this mysterious person with the mysterious name was already in the middle of a really, really bad year.
In fact, the Taylor Dayne segment, as we see in the intimate new documentary,Tig, out on Netflix today, happened when Notaro was already more than halfway through the laundry list of calamities that befell her in 2012. First, while filming a small role in the movie In a World, Notaro collapsed and ended up hospitalized for a week with a life-threatening C. diff infection. Shortly after getting out of the hospital, still unable to eat and twenty pounds lighter, she received the horrifying news that her mother—“the person who understood me most”—had fallen, hit her head, and lost consciousness, never to wake up again. She traveled to Texas to be with her mom as she was taken off life support. Then she went to New York, to tell the Taylor Dayne story during a live This American Life show, which was taped in early May and aired on May 18. “I needed something good to happen,” Tig explains in the documentary. “I felt like if I could just get to New York and doThis American Life, I would feel like I was coming through something.”
It was while she was in New York that TAL’s Ira Glass suggested Notaro do a piece about the shitty year she was having, but she wasn’t ready to go there. She went back to L.A., where, by late summer, she had found a lump in one breast, which turned out to be lumps in both breasts, and a diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer. She was facing a double mastectomy and a very uncertain future when she decided, just days after her diagnosis, to take to the stage at the L.A. comedy club Largo with some new material. “That was a risk,” she tells the camera. “It could have been my last show ever that bombed, and then I died.”
She neither bombed nor died. What she performed that night—a 30-minute, off-the-cuff, stream-of-consciousness set in which she processes her shock, fear, and bewilderment in real time on stage—became comedy legend, single-handedly elevating her from comedian’s comedian to near-household name. Notaro became a viral sensation before there was anything even available for the Internet to hear. (Louis C.K. tweeted about her “masterful” set, and eventually made a recording of it available on his website.) Press coverage and book offers started rolling in. “I was thinking, Am I even going to be alive to finish a book?” Tig remembers.
For fans of that material (aka pretty much anyone who’s ever heard it), it’s tempting to watch the hour-and-a-half-long Tig as a sort of extended Behind the Music about the famous Largo set. But the documentary, directed by Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York, actually focuses on the year that followed that night, when Notaro, suddenly famous for a one-off comedy set that could never be repeated, found herself in serious demand but without any usable material. It’s about the process of trying to develop a new act, painful night after night, at small clubs across the country, where promoters announced her with great fanfare and Notaro knew she couldn’t deliver. It’s also about rebuilding her personal life (2012 involved a breakup, which she mentions in her set, but the documentary doesn’t delve into). We watch Tig fall in love with the actress Stephanie Allynne, to whom she’s  now engaged. We also watch the heartbreaking process of Tig trying to have a child. Notaro, the documentary reveals, was already trying to get pregnant before she got sick; in the aftermath of cancer, no longer able to carry a baby herself, she endures risky hormone treatments to freeze her eggs. Her friend donates sperm, and, after she announces her need for a surrogate on her podcast,Professor Blastoff, a Seattle woman volunteers. We’re right there with the grieving comedian, as she attempts to implant the fertilized embryos, her last shot at having a biological child.
It’s an emotional and moving portrait of life after cancer, and of the sort of equanimity that can come out of tragedy. Tig is famous for finding humor in dark places, for chronicling her misfortune, but her best quality, as this documentary demonstrates, is her willingness to count her blessings. “After this crazy year that I had, one of the really positive things that came from it is being more open to people than I’ve ever been,” she tells her surrogate, hoping for the best. “People have shown just such generosity and love and kindness that my head is exploding. This is not something that I would have done a year ago. I was just so much more closed off.”

Tig Notaro meets tragedy with humor: 'Good evening. I have cancer'

Monday, June 22, 2015

VIDEO: My #SummerSoiree with Grey Goose

by Angeles

My #SummerSoiree with Grey Goose

A dreamer never stop dreaming....
Well, always I say to me that I am a dreamer and right now I have a big, huge dream.... and it is
to go to France.
My mind is thinking always in traveling. To have a new adventure, discover new places, new people and have a new experience in life ... so why not to participate with a little video, 15 seconds
video with Grey Goose!
France you are in my mind and in my heart!
I did the video thinking of my #summersoiree with good friends. A moment to dress up, to feel fabulous and always sharing a great drink. The best of the best #GreyGoose.

I hope destiny give me the opportunity to win and have the pleasure to know more about Le Logis, France, their people , the landscapes and the magic of traveling!

You can also participate , just check the link and  follow the steps:

Win a trip to the #GreyGoose Home for you & 3 Friends in Le Logis, France.

A lot can happen in 15 seconds, especially when we're hosting a GREY GOOSE #SummerSoiree
In 15 seconds, day can turn into night, you can raise a glass to the perfect toast, or capture those perfect moments that FLY BEYOND ®. Show us the highlight of your Summer SoirĂ©e in 5 to 15 seconds, and you'll be entered to win a trip for you and three friends to the home of GREY GOOSE at Le Logis, France.

Follow @GreyGoose on Instagram and Twitter.

By July 31st, upload a :05 or :15seconds  video on Instagram or Twitter using #SummerSoiree to be entered to win.

Visit The Gallery to see if your video made the cut.

A panel of judges will select one winner from the US and one from Canada and send them on a trip of a lifetime to Le Logis.

Good luck!


Angeles Almuna:

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Monday, June 1, 2015


by Angeles

Picture by Egor Tsodov

Always obsessed with all type of coats. 
One of the most important pieces during those cold days that you must have and look chic or casual in a effortless way but always fabulous... and warm, "The Coat".
My favorite right now in my wardrobe is this original statement Coat from MSGM. Absolutely unique! And because is so unique, it is always a conversation piece... I was in New York and in less than one hour,  6 people said something about my coat, definitely a piece for next season and I will wear everywhere.

Here you have "my must coats" for next season. Be prepared to see colors, big silhouettes , mix of fabrics and some sexy lines even though it is a big coat!

Enjoy my must have and let me know your favorite!

Kisses and see you soon with another fashion story!


Max Mara FW 2015
MSGM FW 2015
No.21 FW 2015
Prada FW 2015

Picture via

Monday, May 11, 2015

MY Inspirational short films by NOWNESS

by Angeles

My mind is always looking for something to get me motivated.
Could be music,
art, fashion, dance... everything!
And films are pat of my life. I am always attractive to capture a moment , a movement , a dialogue where I can get a surreal magic inspiration for my next adventure.
I am not perfect in this filming world but I try to put my unique view in my videos but always with some help. Like these great short films by NOWNESS that they keep my mind open to follow the steps to create something new, original, crazy or just something simple that means a lot to me.

Creativity is a process and to put it in the right way to show what I love and what I can do....It will be my happy creative ending.

Enjoy and be inspirational!


undefined @NOWNESS.

undefined @NOWNESS.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Video: 60 seconds with Jana Carrero

by Angeles

60 seconds with Jana Carrero

"60 seconds with..." is a series of street style videos with local Miami 
( or around the world ) people who have an interesting and unique personal style.

Jana Carrero is a Senior Social Media Manager at a social media marketing firm in Miami. She also writes and styles for her personal fashion blog OJ and Cigs and she's very passionate about music, visual arts and travel. 

Her style is very spontaneous and mostly depends on how she is feeling when she wakes up. Jana sees it as a very personal thing, a form of expression - "I love a clean minimalist aesthetic, luxurious neutrals, and timeless comfortable staples. I am also inspired by different eras like mod, the beat generation, French New Wave, Marilyn Monroe glamour, and the 1970s."

She loves Angeles Almuna Designs because are delicate and beautiful, and so this one piece added a feminine touch that really brought the whole look together. 

Jana is a pretty much addicted to online shopping haha! Anything goes; from Nasty Gal, to Reformation, to Revolve, to Shopbop, to Urban Outfitters, to Zappos, to Amazon! She also likes to pop-in to American Apparel, Zara and H&M and get a ton of my shoes at a local Miami shop, Joanna Paige. 

Jana is wearing 3 Marie Antoinette Petite Flowers as a brooches

Thank you Jana for your time to work with me in this project!

Thank you for watching!

Kisses and see you soon with another "60 seconds with..."


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Music by Chinatown "I'll be your woman"

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me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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