Monday, August 17, 2015


by Angeles

After too much think and have been in a emotional weekend, I decided to write something about this peculiar word. A word that I love because I admire so much fabulous people that I met in my whole life and now this word it is in the other side of the coin.

ad·mi·ra·tion - for all my fellow friends, for all my artist and creative people, the filmmakers, the musicians, the fashion bloggers, the dancers, the actors, the designers, , the photographers and also for my ingeniers friends, lawyers, bankers, sales person, waiters, bartenders and more....... I admire you and I respect you so much , you are doing something so well in this life and you are with me as a friends!
Thank you

Now.... when I said this word it is in the other side of the coin it is because refer to ME now
Yes, sounds funny but for the first time someone admire me ...... and it is that person that never thought one day it is going to say something like that. 

And the day came this Sunday!
My Father, for the first time on his life he is thinking of me with respect that I am someone ,  a daughter than she can do things alone, independent and be strong.
For years I was the rebel one, the black sheep, not good student at all, the artist ... the daughter that has been taken bad decisions and not trustful. Well..... now I am doing something good..... I can not explain my happiness to hear from my father that he admire me because he said I am a good person and deserve to be happy and be well. No more suffer no more pain just live the life at fullest! 
Thank you father, from the bottom of my heart, thank you because for many years you were out of my life , you didn't know your own daughter but you appeared, in a simple way without any fancy act, jus as you are, a human not perfect father but with your heart to receive a daughter who is not perfect at all either but she needs you now .... in the worst 
moment of her life.

Love you father! and I admire you because you changed and because you are my Father.

I am Angeles and I have Cancer



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Jack Mathew said...

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Jack Mathew said...

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me ;)
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