Monday, May 11, 2015

MY Inspirational short films by NOWNESS

by Angeles

My mind is always looking for something to get me motivated.
Could be music,
art, fashion, dance... everything!
And films are pat of my life. I am always attractive to capture a moment , a movement , a dialogue where I can get a surreal magic inspiration for my next adventure.
I am not perfect in this filming world but I try to put my unique view in my videos but always with some help. Like these great short films by NOWNESS that they keep my mind open to follow the steps to create something new, original, crazy or just something simple that means a lot to me.

Creativity is a process and to put it in the right way to show what I love and what I can do....It will be my happy creative ending.

Enjoy and be inspirational!


undefined @NOWNESS.

undefined @NOWNESS.


me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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