Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The "PORT" My best Friend

by Angeles

Today I am going to do the second step in this new Journey. 
I am scared to this new adventure with my best friend, "the Port" because it is going to be a little bit painful, uncomfortable and so times really  strange this whole process.
My first chemotherapy is today. It is going to for at least 5 hours. 
Just I want to share this with you because I don't know what it is gonna happened to me, how my body is going to react but I will be won this battle,
but it is just the beginning!
Be with me in this adventure and smile to me when you see me!

Love all of you!!!!!

I am Angeles and I have Cancer....


Picture by Angeles Almuna


Princess Martha said...

Hi love,
I'm sending you a lot of love, strength and support from your favorite little European country, Switzerland.
You're doing great...that amazing and fabulous attitude will keep you strong.
Keep leaning on your friends, family, support for extra strength when you feel weak and never forget you're loved!


Unknown said...

fuerza angeles, yo voy a ti! you'll do great!

Ledo said...

Angeles my dear I know all your awsomnes n love will reign hell upon this cancer and you will beat that like Ronda in the 1st round .I'm sending you all the positive energy in the planet and can't wait to give you a big hug n a double cheek kiss as usual ❤ you got this girl!!

Carthik said...

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Jessica Mathew said...

yes its looking painful. i bare pain when i got my first piercing i don't is it and adventure or not but i feel pain for you but if you are happily baring, this is your choice.but honestly i am searching for last minute assignment help because the date of submission is very close that's i have to take help.


me ;)

me ;)
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