Wednesday, April 13, 2016

READY for RADIATION ( my next Chapter)

by Angeles

Tomorrow will be my first day with Radiation.
As you don't know after my surgery March 10th, Doctors in the middle of the surgery did a deep Pathology exam to clarify that I was Cancer free.... but the exams didn't come well. Mr. Cancer is still in my body and I have to fight more and more.
As you can see my marks on my body, they are ready for tomorrow in a very precise place to attack Mr.Cancer.

"Mr.Cancer is like the worst lover ever, he doesn't go away from me! I hate him".

So, my next step is to get Radiation in three points on my chest and axila. I will receive Radiation for 6 weeks everyday for 1 hour. Wow!!!! Not funny at all and not happy because I was expecting a better news and less radiation,  less side effects,  but I am here again! 
This chapter is gonna be another 
story in my journey with Mr. Cancer. 

And I need YOU!!! 

Sorry to bother you my friends but I am not capable to do all of these alone hahahaha! Support is the best 
friend and a good medicine as well.
If you want to be my companion send me a message, text me, also through Facebook, Instagram or even "smoke signals" 
will be fine! Humor is always a good way to get well! 

Just remember, it is everyday , I don't know if it is going to be everyday at 5pm or 6pm but we can communicated if you want to help me a little bit in this not good funny process.

Thanks you for reading my Blog and be always around to give me a hand, a shoulder, a smile and trying to make my every day life better and better and with a lot of hope to win this battle.

Love you all,



Jessica said...

Sending positive energy your way. May tomorrow and all the treatments thereafter go well. Keep the faith and that beautiful spirit of yours shining. You have people in your life and those like myself that have never met you praying for you. We will be looking forward to your posts to know how you are feeling. Te envio un fuerte abrazo. Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre!

Afsana said...

I found you randomly on instagram on my newsfeed. Went through your profile and all I can say is you're a strong woman. You're full with positivity and I love that! Makes us appreciate life a little bit more! My prayers are with you...stay strong!

luchie said...

Brave my Prayers

Khush Interis said...

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Dorothy Broussard said...

Thanks for sharing the information. Keep the good work going.

leerousi said...

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