Monday, August 10, 2015

I was in Hell... but today is a new Day.....

by Angeles

This weekend wasn't easy, sorry if I didn't answer back my messages but I wasn't in my best moment.... really I was in hell.
My first Chemotherapy wasn't nice, all the secondary effects came to me during Friday and Saturday this weekend. I can not describe what I was feeling. No words to describe what it is happening to me. So much pain, even my hair was on pain over my head. My bones, stomach, my breast, everything were in bad situation. Dizziness and nauseas as the same time. That Saturday at 4am I had to go out from my place because I could not be more time inside in the same room with all of these effects. Thanks God my good friend Jhon was with me , and he gave me the real 
company that I need that morning.

I noticed in my body that I am killing this Big C, in a very small steps. I can feel every pain, every emotion and every tear. I know it is a new chapter in my life where I am learning to be brave and strong because I don't know too much about this and I didn't expect to have so
much suffering in just few days.

I was in ChemoLand, the room where all the cancer treatment happens. I decide it is a cool name because it is gonna be my second home for couple months.
That day they put me the RedChemo (plus other ones) I was in shock when I saw the tubes but it is part of the process. But I have to say the people who is working at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami  were amazing! Really nice, human people with a big heart, Thanks you for being so nice with me.

My journey continue, one Chemo gone. The second is coming soon but I have some free weeks to get my Vitamins and be strong again. 
I am so happy that it is Monday today and I feel so much better, slow as a Turtle hahahaha!!!! but I am positive and optimistic that everything is going to be well ..... not soon .... but everything 
is going to be alright!

Thank to all my friends and family for the fabulous messages , you made my day with those nice words and all your support to me! 



I am Angeles and I have Cancer



Jewel said...

I am so sorry that you are on this horrible journey. I can't say that it will get better, but u can say that it will become more manageable. God bless you!

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andymichael436 said...

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