Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday WISH List!.....Yeah!!!!!!

by Angeles

My Birthday is coming!
Yes! In one more week June 23rd is going to be my Birthday... and always I have to do 
my Wish list...Why not? I't 's a good time for dreaming about fabulous gifts and 
maybe  we never know, I can get some of these great presents.
So, here you have a big idea what I love and things that would be great to own!!!! But remember is a Wish list and I don't need all of these...if you want just call me or send me a message and I'll be the happiest person on earth!
Enjoy and see you around my friends!
Kisses and happy weekend!

Mac Pro Longrwear Lipcreme in Red Dwarf $17.00 - Something Vintage for any flea market, salvation army or thrifts stores - Necklace with my name (Angeles)  
like in Sex and City $29.95
Love Chloe! Oh! yes! 
A Marcie bag , Marcie bag  gold or the Chloe 'Suzanne Studs' Buckle Bootie ( and you know any color and style will be fine!!!!) jajajaja!!!!!
But also love regular things and easy.... Flowers of course! Peonias are my favorites right now - Forever 21 Gift Card - Movies Tickets (Love all kind all films!) - 
And Books! Love the magic of these are my favorites... Chanel: the Vocabulary of Style $60.22 - Alexander McQueen Genius of a Generation $19.14 - The Pedro Almodovar Archives by Tashen $200.00 - Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty  $31.50

Pictures by Zara, Urban Outfitters, 
Amazon, via Google, Forever 21 
and RewardsStyle.


Unknown said...

I have been dying over those basic sandals from Zara. It's so sad that they are out of my size. :(

Anonymous said...

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ssanl said...

you must see our free birthday wishes

Carthik said...

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me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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