Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 ESSENTIALS Sandals from H&M

by Angeles

H&M always has something nice, modern and affordable for our wardrobe.
And this season you to must wear flats on this summer!
They are comfortable, chic and really cute. 
Not always we need to wear heels ladies....These are my favorites from H&M!
Which one is your essential sandals for this summer?
Let me know and we can go together for a shopping!
Happy day and kisses
Open-toed shoes with a front strap and rubber soles 
Sandals with fabric straps, flowers at the front and a metal buckle on the side. Rubber soles

Imitation leather sandals with a metal buckle on the side. Rubber soles.

Pictures by H&M



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me ;)

me ;)
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