Monday, July 7, 2014

Video: 60 seconds with ......

by Angeles

60 seconds with Mikey Muench

"60 seconds with..." is a series of street style videos with local Miami ( or around the world) people who have an interesting and unique personal style.

This is Mikey Muench and he's a professional eye tickler (aka artist).

 His style has just evolved over the years and is influenced mostly by his involvement in art, skateboard culture and life experiences. And he says: "I'm really into color relationships and geometric patterns. I look at an outfit like making art. I kind of just put a bunch of different pieces together and see if they work well together. In the end there has to be some sort of balance, it has to make sense for me. When it makes sense the style works and I just wear it. To put it simply, I just wear what I like, what feels right".

 Mikey doesn't really have a favorite place to shop. He shops all over. From commercial retailers to goodwill. It's like going on a treasure hunt to find something and he likes at a ridiculously reasonable price.

 He skates because for him it's an escape from reality. It helps him get his mind off of everything and just focus on a single thing. It clears his mind and helps his think better, almost like a stress reliever. "Just me and my board. So simple and I love it" - Mikey says.

Thank you for watching!

Kisses and see you soon with another "60 seconds with..."


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