Monday, August 26, 2013

FASHION Trend: Denim over Denim

by Angeles

You can have a Daily Denim all the time, it's just depends how you can mix this old
fashion trend that always is "in".
Could be chic or casual, Denim over Denim is super cute!
Matching the jeans with a shirt is a clever way to be perfect for this season and beyond.
Just buy the right pair of jeans and shirt  and rock roll your denim outfit!
Madewell has great Denim ideas... also they have great fit and fabrics! 
Happy shopping!
My own Denim Shirt wearing here with my Rococo Edgy Necklace made
Pictures Via Google,
Madewell and
Angeles Almuna


Unknown said...

Great total look Jeans.
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me ;)

me ;)
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