Thursday, May 3, 2012

A VINTAGE Photo about ME

by Angeles

 Yes! that me...what do you think?
 I was approximately 6 years old....but really I don't remember, you can ask my sister, she can remember that day when the photographer came to our house for a photo shoot! And my sister ran away, literally.......It was my Mother's idea, because I have to say that I was so excited that day!!!, you can see in my face how happy I was and my style and my fashion lady position jajaja! 
I loved to be the center of the attention at that time ( ...and I'm still the same today jajaja! )...and for me being in front of a camera is like acting, being another person 
as a different character, it's so exciting!
Well, I hope you like going to the past with this photo...I really wanted to show you that fashion has always been in my mind and in my life!
Kisses and happy day! 
Pictures by Angeles Almuna


Anonymous said...

Que posera ! Me encanta esta foto, sobretodo tu sonrisa,

cuantos recuerdos,


Angeles Almuna said...

Gracias hermana mia! Te adoro! y eres la mejor!!!!


Carthik said...

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me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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