Thursday, April 19, 2012

ALEXIS BITTAR @Neiman Marcus

by Angeles

Picture from Alexis Bittar
Last Fridays was one of that kind of days than I felt I was in a movie....It was fabulous!
I went to Neiman Marcus to see a personal appearance of Alexis Bittar, designer of a fabulous eponymous jewelry. He brought more than 600 pieces for this special event.
It was amazing to see so much beauty, sophistication and modern in one eyes
where in heaven! Also because you can be inspirer from Alexis Bittar's jewelry, but also for the colorful materials, shapes and creativity.
But when I said I felt, I was in a's because Alexis Bittar said to me ...."You are so chic!!!!" ....Yes! he said that more than ones....I couldn't said to much to him at the first time because I was overwhelm to those words....but after I said thank you many times... finally I had the most incredible talk to him about my Marie Antoinette Flower Brooch .....and he took some photos of me!
It was great! He made my day!
And I have to say thank you to the lovely Annie Vazquez  The Fashion Poet who invite
me... because I was there for you!

Well, enjoy the pictures and the video!

Kisses and see you soon! 
Fabulous detail of this exquisite!

Annie Vazquez , a fashion blogger from Miami....she looks so pretty and check her blog 
Ginger Harris...WOW! she was wearing the most beautiful and sophisticated dress that afternoon....good for you!  
My beautiful friend Julieta Alvarez than always is the best companion and she looks great with 
her own jewelry design.

Here I'm wearing one of my favorites necklace from Alexis Bittar... absolutely stunning!... and also with my Marie Antoinette Flower Brooch that was the protagonist of my outfit and Alexis Bittar love it!
For this event I was wearing everything in Blue... Zara pants, Zara top, leather bag from Chile, Aldo sandals and my, what do you think? 
Another favorite piece of Alexis Bittar that I fell in love...the Liquid Silver Sphere Ring HERE in and big, great shape.
I want it! 
My photo with Alexis Bittar ...thank you! It was great to meet you!
Now, I'm the most chic person ever!
Pictures by Angeles Almuna


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Angeles...! It's always a pleasure to read your blog...!! Your're so chic...!

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me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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