Monday, September 5, 2011

Once you choose hope, anything's possible......

by Christopher Reeve

 Sometimes life gives us obstacles than we have to be strong and be prepared for everything.
Now....I'm in Chile....because my father needs me...he needs my sister and my brother.  All together as a family.
In difficult times we have to share our emotions, thoughts and hopes.
Father you are in my mine...everyday, every minute...we are waiting for you to share one more time all of these fabulous vacations that we had.....too many memories and good time.
Please....get well!.....
We need you and there to many things that we can do in the next years.
More trips, more dinners and more laughter.
We love you Papi!.....waiting for you because everything is possible!
 My sister Leonor, my father and I in Geneva, Leman Lake, Switzerland.
 My sister, my father and my brother Oscar in Lanalhue Lake, South of Chile.
My father and I in Mannlichen, Switzerland.

Pictures by Angeles Almuna

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me ;)
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