Friday, April 15, 2011


Daphne Guinness is a fashion icon.
Always I love her.....her style, fashion innovation and unique artistic sense of life.
If you don't know her ( but probably you must know Daphne.....) she's a socialite, muse, model and mother...she has been working in films, designer and now she created her own perfume. She is muse to make-up supremo François Nars ( check HERE) and also a model for the AKRIS campaign.
A friends of the latest Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow......she's always wearing the most incredible haute couture designs, in the best dramatic way, with the perfect accessories and for me she becomes the Stylish Queen of this fashion era.
If you want to know more about her, just click HERE, a fabulous article from Vogue UK.

“Between couture fashion and street fashion, there is a certain continuity. It’s great to go to London’s Camden Market or downtown New York and see what the kids are wearing. Today, you don’t even have to travel to do this; all you have to do is look at fashion blogs. I refer to them continually, and think quite soon they will start to dictate what’s really going to influence the fashion industry – all those little voices at sites such as the Sartorialist and the Style Bubble, with such a wide reach. On one site you might see a hipster in Williamsburg, New York, for example, in very tight, very shrunken jackets and trousers, and then you jump to another and see a different type of person wearing an oversized shirt, belted with silver tights. It’s like a bunch of ad-hoc experiments going on all the time.” - Daphne Guinness 

Pictures by Vogue, via Google, Vanity Fair and other assorted places...


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Great post!


shervin nassi said...

love you and everything your doing vintage sexy!!!


me ;)

me ;)
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