Monday, August 30, 2010


Pictures by Angeles Almuna Design

Details make the difference.

I'm a perfectionist  and a I fall in love easily with fabrics, handbags, jewelry, art and all those things there are filled with details that capture the quality and originality from fantastic pieces,  and of course always attracting attention. 

Hope you like it, this is part of my wardrobe and things that I love because they are rare, beautiful, unique and they mean a lot to me.

Kisses and have a wonderful Monday!


Beckerman Girls said...

WOWOOW!!! These little detail shots are amamamammzing!!!!!!!! You are such a wicked photographer!!! LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!
such fabulous inspiration! I can almost smell the Chloe perfume!
xo Big kisses,
The Beckerman Girls

Estrógena said...

Si es que yo siempre he dicho que cuando falla el detalle, falla todo. En los pequeños detalles están las grandes cosas...
Gracias por el comentario ;)
un abrazo!!

Melissa~ said...

I love the details!
Lindisimos colores.

Besos! Thanks for your comment!

Laetitia said...

Lovely details! y si son tuyos muchísimo más monos!

Un besote Angeles!

BdeH said...

Maravillosos todos! Un beso!

Eri said...

Hi there,

I really liked your blog!

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See you soon.

The Village Idiot said...

love the girly detail shots!
perfect eye candy to start my day off!

Daiana said...

i'm so into details myself, they DO make a difference! great shots!

kisses from

Zarna said...

wow! i love that first photo - its amazing!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Beautiful details; I'm a big fan of fabric and patterns too, and I think I've got a pink bag with exactly the same sequins. :)

syl said...

Que bonitos y selectos detalles!!!


Yanes Alicante said...

Grandes fotos para pequeños toques selectos. Gran Post, J'Adore.

Anonymous said...

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me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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