Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We MUST Talk About HAUTE COUTURE - Part 1

 Chanel shows once more time a contemporary elegance, full of richness in fabrics, two-piece suits full of details, medieval style dresses for an evening in a castle. And of course, the colors, red, blue navy, camel, gold, silver and the black. 
Everything look so rich,  with gold thread, crystals and the fabulous sequins.
Putting the finishing touches "the boots" taken from a story telling. They shine by themselves and probably will see them in everyone from a star to socialite.

My first word is WOW!!!!
This is a Haute Couture from the masters. Ricardo Tisci created an elaborated dresses and jackets than  are superb with a impressive decoration. He made a luxurious and complex ensembles  with sequins, crystals, lace, feathers and probably some leather.
Exquisite cuts, fabulous pale colors,  just one of them was in dark color between brown and black with some pink/ blush colors in the feathers. Absolutely Stunning!
He has the most magnificent view to compose such a wonderful Gothic romantic couture collection that I 'm going to talk for ever and ever this year.
Absolument fantastique!!!!!!!

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Flowers , flowers and more flowers.......this is a Power Flower Couture Collection.
It has everything! Colors, texture, delightful, provocative and full of energy.
The models look like flowers in a blooming garden with a fabulous degrade of colors, perfectly mix with feathers, organza and silk.
Tulip structures than combine perfectly with the folding fabric, so exquisite!
It seems that an artist put his brushstrokes minutes before the Show.  
So fresh, so bold, so inspirational, it's the perfect Galliano with the best Garden of sophistication.


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Loved both cants choose lol


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me ;)

me ;)
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