Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alice in MiAmiLAND - Party 5 Start Island

"We're all mad here."
Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland
Benito "The White Rabbit", Angeles "The Queen of Hearts", Pau "The White Queen and Cristian
"the Mad Hatter" were completely in our characters.

Alice in Wonderland themed party at the Star Island Home of Thomas Kramer, where Miami Beach entrepreneur Michael Capponi celebrated his 38th birthday.
It was a crazy party, with amazing costumes that included Alices, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatters, Tweedledees, Tweedledums and white rabbits.

A special thanks to my friends Pau and Benito for inviting us to this great event which has filled with costumes galore.
My friend and I with the home owner Thomas Kramer.
My fabulous outfit!
Thank you very much to Gustavo Casanovas (Zhantra Entertainment) for lending me the skirt
and the wig.
The rest of this costume I made it, ..... and the result was great!
"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
The King of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland

With my fabulous friends!
Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
With my own "Mad Hatter".
...mad, mad, mad!!!
Pictures by Angeles Almuna Design
and bye bye my friends!

Top - French Connection
Skirt - Gustavo Casanovas
Big Red Brooch - Angeles Almuna Design
Boots - Nine West


P said...

You look amazing!


Rosanna said...

what an adorable costume!

Laetitia said...

Angeles! Ere tú!!! no te había reconocido...estás super divertida...


Melissa~ said...

Te ves muy bien!!
the costume is perfect! and the make up too.
And it must be such a fun party.

Gracias por tu comentario, me encanta leer de ti.

Nathalie said...

Wow, your costumes are amazing. Such a fun party


woow, that's so cuuute
nice costumes:-)
so Alice!!!


tdw said...

funny outfit we love them

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam


syl said...

Que fuerte no te conocía!!! hahaha
que divertido tuvo que ser!


Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer said...

What amazing costumes! Love it!


me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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