Friday, July 1, 2016

Video: My Cancer Journey

by Angeles

"It has been quite a year"

Having Cancer wasn't easy at all. I had literally a journey with a lot of bad moments but also amazing fabulous stories. I cried , I screamed, I suffered and also I laughed, because life is a balance and we have to have everything, in my case this was quite a year, very special that I can not forget , any details on my mind and I will remember forever. Here you have part of my journey where I  put together memories,  photos and some events that I captured in this Cancer adventure. Just I want to make awareness about this ill and please take care of your body and be careful with
him, it is our treasure.
Thanks to all for being in this fight with me, I could not do it without you, you were my strength and my energy to win this battle. I am still fighting but always positive and with a big smile, I have to much to do in this life!
Please remember me, I am here for you!

Your warrior,



Monday, May 23, 2016

Video: Before the storm.....

by Angeles

"... they told me that my hair is going to fall out in my 3rd chemotherapy but after my 1st chemotherapy,  after just 2 weeks, boom! my hair was death ..."

I woke up one night, around 3am in the morning because I wasn't feeling good and I saw myself in front of the mirror and my hair was crazy and weird. I touched them and I finish with my hand full of hair.... I was so scared, alone and it was painful.... the sensation in my scalp  was horrible. I wasn't prepared to be like that, it was happening so fast. I couldn't sleep after,
I was thinking what to do the next morning....
I took a shower early morning with tears on my eyes, very nervous with a knot in my stomach and in my mind I wanted to express myself with a loud scream, FUCK!!!!!! Why me? .... but I didn't found the answer, just I was terrified..... so in between of this craziness moment I decided to do something creative and show that moment. I put the camera in a tripod, a chair, my hair was wet, a nice bodysuit , so I felt like a woman, and did wherever it was on my mind at that moment alone in my place in front of the camera ..... it was literally "... before the storm ..." because the day after of this day "The Storm inside the Castanet" was filmed ...... two crazy powerful days , that I will never forgot.  
And finally today you have the opportunity to watch what I did in a simple honest way that day because I was desperately of sadness , angry and nervous .... here you have ".... before the storm ...." 



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

READY for RADIATION ( my next Chapter)

by Angeles

Tomorrow will be my first day with Radiation.
As you don't know after my surgery March 10th, Doctors in the middle of the surgery did a deep Pathology exam to clarify that I was Cancer free.... but the exams didn't come well. Mr. Cancer is still in my body and I have to fight more and more.
As you can see my marks on my body, they are ready for tomorrow in a very precise place to attack Mr.Cancer.

"Mr.Cancer is like the worst lover ever, he doesn't go away from me! I hate him".

So, my next step is to get Radiation in three points on my chest and axila. I will receive Radiation for 6 weeks everyday for 1 hour. Wow!!!! Not funny at all and not happy because I was expecting a better news and less radiation,  less side effects,  but I am here again! 
This chapter is gonna be another 
story in my journey with Mr. Cancer. 

And I need YOU!!! 

Sorry to bother you my friends but I am not capable to do all of these alone hahahaha! Support is the best 
friend and a good medicine as well.
If you want to be my companion send me a message, text me, also through Facebook, Instagram or even "smoke signals" 
will be fine! Humor is always a good way to get well! 

Just remember, it is everyday , I don't know if it is going to be everyday at 5pm or 6pm but we can communicated if you want to help me a little bit in this not good funny process.

Thanks you for reading my Blog and be always around to give me a hand, a shoulder, a smile and trying to make my every day life better and better and with a lot of hope to win this battle.

Love you all,


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

HIGHLIGHTS of the Shoe & Handbags Event X Neiman Marcus

by Angeles 

 Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Shops along with Angeles Almuna, Designer/Stylist and Jhon Jairo Santos, Fashion Editor/Creative Director hosted The Shoe and Handbag Event. Guests enjoyed bubbly and shoe and handbag inspired sweets as Angeles and Jhon showcased their top picks and the trends of the Spring season which featured the men’s inspired shoe, the fun statement shoe, the flat, and the classic chic approach to the black stiletto every woman should own. And in bags was the story of the  Lady Bag, the Power Clutch and the Everyday Bag.

Here you have the highlights of this great evening where friends, followers and clients who came to Neiman Marcus to have a conversation about tendencies and have fun with fabulous shoes and handbags!

Enjoy the video!

Video filmed by Carlos de Varona 

Also you can see all the pictures here at World Red Eye that always captured an amazing pictures moments. 
Pictures by Alejandro Chavarria.

Picture by Alejandro Chavarria - World Red Eye 

Thank you to all who came to Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Shops to have a fashion moment with us and gave us so much support and believe in us!

See you soon,

Love ,


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yes! I have Hair on my Face

by Angeles 

 I have no idea how to start this but I need to find the right words 
to say what I need to say. 
I have been in Cancer treatment ( as you know already ) since June 2015, 11 months into this crazy process. One of the biggest changes in this adventure when you are suffering from Cancer is your look. And I have been dealing with my changes everyday 
and learning to accept them and be happy as the same time. 
After chemotherapy, pills, all kind of side effects, injections, pain and a big surgery, I am here accepting myself for who I am and not for my look. After all of these my energy is back as well my hair and some light in my skin. But of course not everything is perfect and I don't still look perfect. And I am ok with that. 
My hair is growing with such energy that is back in all my body, even in places that I didn't know that I have hair, like my face. I don't care about it. This is me, a little monkey who is very pale and happy to be like this. 

Being open in the social media world is hard sometimes but I have to be clear that my look is not the last word, my look is part of me and I love my new me! I know that my appearance is different than other women, that my make up is not so strong and perfect but I like that, simple effortless european French or wherever 
you want to call it. 
If I don't look perfect in pictures or in real life, so sorry, I have more important things to do right now with myself than to be constantly worried about my appearance. 

For the first time in my life the word discrimination touch my own heart, my inner me, because I am trying my best, when I am working at the museum, in fashion or when 
a big brand hired me to do a job. 

Let me being very clear, I am suffering pain every day, in all my body, I have a big scarf that its remain me that I have Cancer, one boob and it is so fucking painful to deal with this everyday and see me in front of the mirror and discover who I am now; and as the same time I am still working, being with my best style, trying to be positive, strong, a good person, generous, laughing, embracing this moment  and continue with my fabulous life, my journey!!!

Thanks for your time and reading this.

Have a good day my friends!



Friday, February 12, 2016

No NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2016 #NYFW for me ........

by Angeles

"#NYFW you are going to be 
always in my heart, but this 
year I'm the priority".

Every February at that time of the year I am in New York City ready to conquer & cover the fashion industry with my camera. Running around from one runway show to backstage to an hotel to see a preview after stop at Starbucks Coffee ( for Coffee of course and ..... ) for editing photos right after the show. Non stops for one week!
But this 2016 is different  I decided not to go to #NYFW, 
with all my sadness heart I'm not going. Why? Because my
health is more important and I am the priority. 

After 8 month in treatment for Breast Cancer, my life has been changed a lot and I am feeling that I have to slowdown my routines  and see what it is really important in this moment. In my mind I believe that it will be an irresponsible thing to go to #NYFW in my condition and promptly ( in couple of weeks) to have a surgery. 
Honest me I will LOVE to go, take a flight and I have a again that madness days that they are for me a fabulous exited adventure. But, fashion is going always to be there, so next September I will be go with all my energy, with my unique style and I will promise to do an amazing job a
and CONQUER again the Big Apple.

Friends, I wanted to share this because my Passion for Fashion is one of the most important things in my life, as you know me fashion/creativity/art are part of who I am. It is my perfect 
way to express what I love.

Now I will leave you with some of my pictures that I took during 6 seasons of New York Fashion Week. Many stories to tell and great memories that I will never forget 
because all those moments were so magic, special and they 
made in my life who Angeles is now!

Enjoy my photos!

Love you my friends , love  New York, love Fashion and love life!


All pictures by Angeles Almuna


me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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