Monday, May 23, 2016

Video: Before the storm.....

by Angeles

"... they told me that my hair is going to fall out in my 3rd chemotherapy but after my 1st chemotherapy,  after just 2 weeks, boom! my hair was death ..."

I woke up one night, around 3am in the morning because I wasn't feeling good and I saw myself in front of the mirror and my hair was crazy and weird. I touched them and I finish with my hand full of hair.... I was so scared, alone and it was painful.... the sensation in my scalp  was horrible. I wasn't prepared to be like that, it was happening so fast. I couldn't sleep after,
I was thinking what to do the next morning....
I took a shower early morning with tears on my eyes, very nervous with a knot in my stomach and in my mind I wanted to express myself with a loud scream, FUCK!!!!!! Why me? .... but I didn't found the answer, just I was terrified..... so in between of this craziness moment I decided to do something creative and show that moment. I put the camera in a tripod, a chair, my hair was wet, a nice bodysuit , so I felt like a woman, and did wherever it was on my mind at that moment alone in my place in front of the camera ..... it was literally "... before the storm ..." because the day after of this day "The Storm inside the Castanet" was filmed ...... two crazy powerful days , that I will never forgot.  
And finally today you have the opportunity to watch what I did in a simple honest way that day because I was desperately of sadness , angry and nervous .... here you have ".... before the storm ...." 




me ;)

me ;)
wearing my favorite black flower brooch
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